Terms & Conditions

General Terms

All ECU’s are supplied on an exchange basis, unless a buy-back price has been agreed upon beforehand.

All ECU’s booked in for coding, including, but not limited to, immo removals / bypass, data transfers / cloning, component deletes (DPF, EGR, LO2, etc), will not be bench diagnosed unless specifically requested, at an additional charge. 

Customer and vehicle data will not be shared with third parties, but will be stored by us for warranty purposes.

ECU’s that had to be opened, or arrived already opened, will not be sealed upon completion of the job, in case further coding or repairs need to be done. It is the customer’s responsibility to seal an ECU, or return it to us for sealing.

All jobs not collected within 90 days of being notified of completion, will be sold to defray expenses.

Returns Policy

Returns and exchanges will only be entertained if the work was carried out by an RMI approved workshop.

In the event that a supplied unit is faulty, it has to be returned to us within 7 working days, together with a comprehensive diagnostic report from the vehicle. Once the unit has undergone testing, and is found to be faulty, a replacement unit will be issued. In the event that a replacement unit is not available, the purchase price will be refunded. 

In the event that a booked-in ECU supplied by the customer turns out to be faulty, and coding to the unit was already done, the coding of a new unit supplied by the customer will be done free of charge. This does not apply to any coding carried out on a vehicle.

Our ECU deletes / mapping / tuning have an 18 day alteration period, during which related changes to the coding will be done free of charge. While every effort will be made to complete coding on the ECU only, in some instances, the vehicle might have to be brought to us.

Our workmanship and coding carry a 6 month warranty; however, if it is found that external sources caused damage to any work done by us, this warranty can not be honoured.

In the event of faulty workmanship, we reserve the right to repair or correct. 

Limited Liability

ECU Repairs:

ECU repairs can take very long, depends on the availability of spares, and requires specialised soldering and equipment. There are many different systems in an ECU, and repair of one system doesn’t guarantee that other systems are working correctly. Repair success rates are low. For this reason, we recommend considering replacement as a first option. 

If repairs are still requested, the labour and parts used will be charged for, irrespective of the final success of the repair.

Given their size and complexity, electronic repairs carry inherent risk. In the unfortunate event that incidental damage occurs, the customer shall have no claim against us for any losses that result.

ECU Testing:

Bench diagnosis and testing of ECU’s can not simulate all vehicle inputs. In some instances, ECU faults will not show up on a bench test. We will not be liable for any costs incurred because of this.


The customer, by using our services, confirms that they possess the required authority to commission any and all work with us. In cases where all keys are lost, proof of ownership of the vehicle must be available, unless booked in by a workshop or dealership.

The customer confirms that our work shall not be used for any illegal purposes.