Mileage Correction

Mileage correction and the law

Mileage Correction and the Law

Mileage correction is a legitimate solution to several problems. Faulty instrument clusters, data corruptions, water damage, surges - these things happen! And we'll help you fix them.

There is no law in South Africa that makes it illegal to change the mileage displayed on you car's instrument cluster, BUT, if you set the mileage back, and sell your car without informing the buyer of this, it is considered fraud.

Odometer fraud, or clocking, is when the mileage is set back to fool a buyer into thinking they are buying a car that has done less mileage than it actually has, usually at a higher price. Not cool.

We at AutoWOW are committed to doing things right. Importantly, we keep meticulous records, and these are available for inspection by the authorities. As far as possible, we will do our due diligence to prevent becoming complicit in odometer fraud.